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Tom's Masterclass


Learn 20 years experience in 6 days

meet tom

One of the world's leading floral designers.

A speaker, mentor, teacher, author, and a successful floral design shop owner. 

For more than 20 years, Tom has inspired thousands of people, worldwide, through his unique teachings and philosophies.

His relatable teaching style brings clarity and ignites passion to live one's true authentic purpose.






Pictures say a thousand words.

We'll let them do the talking.


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Immersive Learning Experiences

This will be the starting point to reach your next level...

What would happen if you learned the same strategies that have allowed me to become a Successful Recognized Florist, Floral Artist, Teacher, Demonstrator, Shop-owner, Event Designer, Teacher, Mentor, and Entrepreneur with no former experience or education at all? Well, that's precisely what I teach exclusively to my students in my Bloom up Masterclasses, an immersive learning experience for floral creatives from all levels.

This will be the starting point to reach your next level no matter what level you are right now.
It's the perfect blend between floral design skills and personal development.

Because you and I both know that success starts in your mind and is created by action. Just action or inspiration doesn't do the job. It's inspired action based on understanding. We help you to get clarity and give you the tools to do that. So if you are interested? Keep on reading.

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It has been one of a kind experience... we have been sharing and working on so many more skills rather than few techniques and at the end we all found ourselves enriched by our values, by our inner strength, creativity and our love for beauty. Finally I could not be more grateful for the emotion I felt, the soul mates and the respect I found. I now know the way I want to Bloom Up.



“Tom’s unconventional holistic approach in his teaching is essentially relevant to reach your highest creative potential. His profound insight and knowledge of the often seemingly illusive creative energy that exists in all of us, is solid and real because it comes from a place of his own lived experience as an artist. His humble curiosity to keep learning himself and his unwavering courage to dare to be different remains an enormous source of inspiration. 


What People Say

Tom de Houwer

Piet van kampen

Commercieel directeur De Gooijer Int BV

Co-founder G-Fresh

Co-founder Floral Fundamentals

It must have been in 2013 that I first saw one of Tom's creations. From the first moment, I was triggered by the design that was inspired by nature. He uses natural and earth derived materials.

Pure, honest, stable, all with fantasy and respect for flowers and plants. 

A little later I also met Tom himself. It was if I already met him through his designs. He is a relaxed, no-nonsense and sensitive person. Honest, sympathetic, tactful, creative, artistic with a huge drive and working in the pursuit of perfection and balance. His designs reflect his wide interests and the love of nature in art. 

Tom also is the curator of 'Hoogstraten in Flowers & Vegetables' in Belgium. As a partner in that event, we also get to know Tom as an engaging person, but also as one of the most talented designers of this time.

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