Tom De Houwer

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copyright 2013-2019 Tom DE Houwer

Floral designer
by design

The Floral design Experience you need.

to become that Authentic creator you where meant to be


After 20 years of experience as a floral designer, shop-owner, floral content creator for magazines, demonstrator, floral architect  and teacher in his mainland, and other places in the world Tom is ready to share his knowledge more deeply en intensify whit floral designers from all over the world. His question to you, Are you ready? Are you read to grow.


Together whit his team he will coach floral designers of all levels to grow their skill, creativity and awareness so they experience more confidence and freedom to be the authentic creator they were meant to be.

It was only after implementing the lessons I learned in life and my mentors brought to my awareness my life started to  change              

What people say about Tom


It must have been in 2013 that I first saw one of Tom's creations. From the first moment, I was triggered by the design that was inspired by nature. He uses natural and earthly materials. Pure, honest, stable, al with fantasy and respect for flowers and plants. 

A little later I also met Tom himself. It was if I already met him through his designs. He is a relaxed, no-nonsense and sensitive person. Honest, sympathetic, tactful, creative, artistic with a huge drive and working in the pursuit of perfection and balance. His designs reflect his wide interests and the love of nature in art. 

Tom also is the curator of 'Hoogstraten in Flowers& vegetables. As partner in that event, we also get to know Tom as an engaging person. but also as one of the most talented designers of this time.

Piet van kampen

Commercieel directeur De Gooijer Int BV

Co-founder G-Fresh

Co-founder Floral Fundamentals

Educational Program's comming soon

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coming soon

Let me help you

to become

the floral designer

you can be.

The path for going from painful to playful.

It is Tom's mission to inspire florists and floral designers to become the authentic creators they were meant to be.

There is a lot of undiscovered talent in the world, let me uncover and develop what is already there as I did in my own life.


A teaching experience that will bring you from being inspired to becoming inspiration.