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Alison Bradley

Editor-in-Chief of Fushion Flowers Magazine,

Director of Floral Fundamentals,

Honorary Principal & Advisor at Cohim Flower School

United Kingdom 

“I would describe Tom’s work as innovate, contemporary .. and groundbreaking.”


Cohim Flower School Teacher


“Tom is a very good person to work with. He is always willing to get to the solutions in the best way possible.”

Gary Kwak

Flower Artist

Hong Kong ​

“ His concept and technique and color combination.. he is a great master.”


Flower Designer & Student

China ​

 "When we have doubts he will answer in detail.. so in my heart he is a good teacher."

Judy Zhang

Cohim Flower School Manager


“I feel like a friend next to (Tom)… every time people asking questions he is always quickly reacting. Always very nice & patient.”

Melanie Serdeflorio

Flower Designer

Mexico ​

“He inspired me a lot to start and continue in designing flowers.. His art and his soul.. it's great.”


Flower Designer & Student

China ​

“I think on one of the most important things to learn from a teacher is how to grasp the rhythm of beauty & how to design the core concept of beauty, and I think this (learning with Tom) is the place to do this.”

Alex Sanchez 

Flower Designer

Mexico ​

“He was the best speaker at this seminar.. (Tom) is an amazing person who is not limited in his mind.”

Piet van kampen

Commercieel directeur De Gooijer Int BV

Co-founder G-Fresh

Co-founder Floral Fundamentals

It must have been in 2013 that I first saw one of Tom's creations. From the first moment, I was triggered by the design that was inspired by nature. He uses natural and earth derived materials.

Pure, honest, stable, all with fantasy and respect for flowers and plants. 

A little later I also met Tom himself. It was if I already met him through his designs. He is a relaxed, no-nonsense and sensitive person. Honest, sympathetic, tactful, creative, artistic with a huge drive and working in the pursuit of perfection and balance. His designs reflect his wide interests and the love of nature in art. 

Tom also is the curator of 'Hoogstraten in Flowers & Vegetables' in Belgium. As a partner in that event, we also get to know Tom as an engaging person, but also as one of the most talented designers of this time.