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immersive masterclass






10 tot 15 Jan 2021


The Perfect Masterclass To Transform Yourself To The Best Floral Creative You Can Be.


You will go through cutting edge awareness exercises for getting more clarity on your path in life and the floral industry.


You will learn new skills to boost your creativity, technique, communication and strategy for a bigger impact on your life, business & passion.


You will go through well-designed experiences that will help you to learn and understand the lessons in a profound way that will stick to you.


You will get pictures for your portfolio.
You might have the possibility to be featured in established magazines or even exhibit your large scale design at an international event

“Tom’s unconventional holistic approach in his teaching is essentially relevant to reach your highest creative potential. His profound insight and knowledge of the often seemingly elusive creative energy that exists in all of us, is solid and real because it comes from a place of his own lived experience as an artist. His humble curiosity to keep learning himself and his unwavering courage to dare to be different remains an enormous source of inspiration. 

I have been in the creative flower/plant/design industry for many years without a clear understanding of the meaning and direction of where I was going. Tom gave me much more than flower material and techniques as tools to practice floral design. He gave me the priceless material of self-awareness and mindfulness to shape not only my career but my entire life as art.”

Chris van Niekerk , Professional Botanical Artist


“The week of the course I came in a skeptic, an independent person who did everything myself. At Tom’s Masterclass Course we learned about self-reflection and at that moment the world change for me. I could look at myself and see what my deep desires were which is so important in finding peace and achieving goals in my life. I was also changed by the group of individuals, we grew as one big family. I believe everybody who participated had an evolution during the master class course. I never dreamed of the things I was looking at the scores. And for that a great thanks to Tom, the Master, and Erin, the silent engine behind the duo.

Diederik Daneels, Garden Center Danneels

Tom has condensed decades of research, discovery and experience 

that he can now deliver to you in 6 days

within the luxury of a private, relaxing location amongst

other designer’s from around the world.


Bloom Up not only focuses on floral development, but personal development as well, where we focus on the individual behind the craftsmanship: the artist, the creator


of who you are as a creative and what is holding you back to achieve your highest potential


Discover Tom's Fast forward design techniek.

Learn Tom's design rules for a foolproof harmonious less is more design.


- Collaborate with designers from many cultures and with 

Tom himself.

- Guided experience strategy for a successful creative process


- The opportunity to create  a large scale design for a international event

- Professional pictures for your portfolio, social media etc.

- Have your design featured in a publication. Book, magazine etc.

Immerse yourself in one of the most holistic floral design retreats that exists. 


A perfect blend of self-discovery and floral skill mastery.


Day 1 - deep dive into awareness 
  • The top mindset keys of world class floral designers because 80% of your success is your psychology

  • The ultimate clarity exercise to fine tune your vision and mission because clarity leads to power 

  • Tom’s power exercises for resetting your mind & body and get unstuck

  • How to hack your brain and speed up creative and practical processes for optimal performance

  • Tom’s personally designed Golden Lotus Strategy for being inspired to becoming inspiration

day 2 - Design Awareness & Creation
  • Tom's secret rules for a world class harmonious floral design

  • Learn the fast-forward floral design sketching system for speedy creation

  • Hands-on exercise: Here you apply everything you’ve learned and excel to the next level and receive professional photos of your design

day 3 - Skill Experience Day
  • Exercise to train your skills in design in a fresh perspective including how to capture your designs professionally

  • Large scale design study, including presentation techniques and blueprints

day 4 - immersive skill Experience Day
  • A full, exciting day of extensive hands-on experience and training in large scale installation

day 5 - guiding exposure day
  • Foundational Business and Marketing Principles 

  • Key components for accomplishing goals

  • Personalized authentic map to guide you in who you are meant to be

day 6 -  actionable goals day
  • Actionable goals

  • Certificate of course completion

  • Goodbyes after Lunch


Floral Professionals of All Levels 

Who Wish To:

Achieve mastery in harmonious floral design

Continue their path in being more self-aware & open-minded

Position themselves better in the floral industry

Experience more satisfaction in their career

Have the right clients

Rediscover & enhance their passion for their profession

Create optimal life/work balance 

What's On us:

  • A Unique Hand-Picked location

  • All Lunches

  • Hands-On Design & Methods, Unique to Tom De Houwer

  • Groundbreaking Mindset Training & Philosophy 

  • Offer for Mentorship & International Exposure at Established Event, Exclusive to Attendees

  • Professional Images of Your Work

  • A Community of Designers Available to Keep You On Track With Your Goals and Wildest Dreams

Though we cover lots of meals, we do ask you to be responsible for your breakfasts and few dinners. We also ask you to be responsible for your travel to/from locations, your flights, & your nightly accommodations 

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Flower Designer & Student

China ​

“I think on one of the most important things to learn from a teacher is how to grasp the rhythm of beauty & how to design the core concept of beauty, and I think this (learning with Tom) is the place to do this.”

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