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zanna slaveniece - usa

Bloom-Up Masterclass Student in the spotlight

Hoogstraten in groenten & bloemen

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About Zanna

An avid fan of nature, art, and intricate craftmanship. Born and raised in Latvia, a beautiful Baltic country where nature and flowers have played a vital role inits culture and centuries old traditions. It was that countryside with its soothing sounds of birds singing, humming bees, alluring fragrance of wild strawberries and colorful wildflowers, that forever-imprinted love for nature deep in her heart.


Zanna’s journey in Floristry started as a hobby. However, flowers and nature have always been her true passion and source of inspiration. Zanna is a Floral Artist who combines innovative techniques with her passion for intricate craftmanship. Her designs are focused on sustainability, capturing fascinating details and embracing nature’s beauty. Zanna holds BA in Economics and the European Master Certification in Floral Design. She currently resides in Costa Mesa, California, USA. Her creative works can be enjoyed on Instagram @zanna.slaveniece

The epic green

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Schermafbeelding 2022-09-14 om 16.51.42.png
Concrete Wall

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