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What People Say About


Alison Bradley

Editor-in-Chief of Fushion Flowers Magazine,

Director of Floral Fundamentals,

Honorary Principal & Advisor at Cohim Flower School

United Kingdom 

“I would describe Tom’s work as innovate, contemporary .. and groundbreaking.”


Cohim Flower School Teacher


“Tom is a very good person to work with. He is always willing to get to the solutions in the best way possible.”


Flower Designer & Student

China ​

 "When we have doubts he will answer in detail.. so in my heart he is a good teacher."

Gary Kwak

Flower Artist

Hong Kong ​

“ His concept and technique and color combination.. he is a great master.”

Judy Zhang

Cohim Flower School Manager


“I feel like a friend next to (Tom)… every time people asking questions he is always quickly reacting. Always very nice & patient.”

Melanie Serdeflorio

Flower Designer

Mexico ​

“He inspired me a lot to start and continue in designing flowers.. His art and his soul.. it's great.”

Alex Sanchez 

Flower Designer

Mexico ​

“He was the best speaker at this seminar.. (Tom) is an amazing person who is not limited in his mind.”


Flower Designer & Student

China ​

“I think on one of the most important things to learn from a teacher is how to grasp the rhythm of beauty & how to design the core concept of beauty, and I think this (learning with Tom) is the place to do this.”

About Tom

What Students Say About

Tom's 6-Day Masterclass


“The moment I heard about Tom’s Bloom Up Masterclass Course I felt that there would be something interesting and different from other floral design courses. The moment I was in the room I was surprised to see that the main subject of the whole Masterclass (for me) would be MYSELF. I had a chance to meet Tom a few years ago and I knew then that his Course would be “out of the box” but I never thought that he would summarize his own path fulfilling his dreams this well and offer us a detailed methodology.



“The Masterclass Course has been one of my most exciting experiences. It is somehow hard to write and speak about, because it was not an ordinary Masterclass, it was beyond that. Tom is not just teaching, he is giving himself to others and also has a unique and modern approach of teaching. In the beginning we were just a group of people led by a teacher and by the end we were a family sharing the same passion. We left the week with the best creative vibe, we knew what to do next, because we were taught to dig deep for your own ideas, finding your own creativity and your original self, which was exactly what I was looking for.



“I started Tom’s Masterclass as ‘a little green one.’ Tom gave me the opportunity to participate as a student amongst professional florists and I am very grateful for that.

It was for me a very educational week in so many ways: knowing myself better, fine-tuning skills and techniques, and working with others in team dynamics. I was taken in by other participants and told their stories, and with that I discovered my own. Thanks to them, and to Tom of course, I am 100% sure that I can reach my goals.

For me, it was an incredible & great experience.



“I feel very blessed for having this great opportunity. Thanks to God and the Universe for such a gift.  After being a week in the Masterclass I can say: Bloom up is THE Masterclass...because it is focused on flowers , but it is based on ourselves...on feelings, understanding and awareness.  What I found at Tom’s Masterclass are amazing treasures. It is a course carried out in a masterful way. It’s not only the’s the way it's taught.... The teacher is an important key to lead successfully such a Masterclass, even though we were from different continents, countries and cultures. And the combination of this made it richer.  At the end of this wonderful Masterclass I have a different perspective of flower design, knowing myself better and a big plus of having a new flower family.



“The Bloom Up Masterclass Course made me a richer person. The course gave me an extra dimension, a challenge, and lots to think over. This course is so much more than learning new techniques. It was about rediscovering myself, reflection & questioning, and learning to become a better version of myself. I was connected to beautiful people and I learned a lot from them by talking and listening, and cherishing the powerful moments together. Good things happen when you meet strangers and feel that after a week you are all so connected and have become part of a wonderful family.”



“The week of the course I came in skeptic, an independent person who did everything myself. At Tom’s Masterclass Course we learned about self-reflection and at that moment the world change for me. I could look at myself and see what my deep desires were which is so important in finding peace and achieving goals in my life. I was also changed by the group of individuals, we grew as one big family. I believe everybody who participated had an evolution during the master class course. I never dreamed of the things I was looking at the scores. And for that a great thanks to Tom, the Master, and Erin, the silent engine behind the duo.



It has been one of a kind experience... we have been sharing and working on so many more skills rather than few techniques and at the end we all found ourselves enriched by our values, by our inner strength, creativity and our love for beauty. Finally I could not be more grateful for the emotion I felt, the soul mates and the respect I found. I now know the way I want to Bloom Up.



“Tom’s unconventional holistic approach in his teaching is essentially relevant to reach your highest creative potential. His profound insight and knowledge of the often seemingly illusive creative energy that exists in all of us, is solid and real because it comes from a place of his own lived experience as an artist. His humble curiosity to keep learning himself and his unwavering courage to dare to be different remains an enormous source of inspiration. 


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