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Bloom-Up Masterclass Student in the spotlight

Hoogstraten in groenten & bloemen


About Keith

Keith Stanley is a Washington, DC floral designer and educator. For 38 years he has worked in retail and special event floristry and also doing demonstrations and workshops. Current he is a Teaching Coach for the European Masters Certification program, which graduated in 2016. He has earned the International Master Florist accreditation from Gregor Lersch at Boerma Institute. In addition, he is a certified teacher for the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.

Structural botanical design is his passion, and he has created this type of work for Floralien.

His work can be seen on  Instagram : › keithst...Keith Stanley EMC, IMF (@keithstanley) • Instagram photos ...

Keith's Work at Gentse Floraliën
Hoogstraten in vegetables & flowers

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Open book

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Floating above

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I grew up in a family where everyone for five generations have been educators. So I understand the importance of educating myself in my chosen field. I wasn’t the best student in high school and college, quite honestly I was bored and a bit restless. However with floral education classes it has been exciting, I feel energized and engaged in a way I wasn’t before. Learning new ideas, concepts and techniques is helping take my design to a much higher level.

Bloom Up was a game changer to me. I first met Tom De Houwer four years ago at Fleuramour. I was there as part of the EMC team doing one of the rooms. One morning I was having breakfast with Dalia Bortolotti and Julia Marie Schmitt, and Tom sat down with us. Our conversation that morning left a big impression on all of us. Tom didn’t talk about himself, but instead asked each of us about the direction of our lives. Individually he was getting us to think about where we wanted our career to go. What is it that we really wanted to do? Two years later when I talked to him one on one about the Bloom Up Masterclass, he brought up that conversation we had that morning. He remembered specifically everything that I had said to him. He really understood where I needed to go before I did, and the Masterclass has helped me get that clarity I needed.

Keith Stanley  - USA 

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