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oana penciu - Romania

Bloom-Up Masterclass Student in the spotlight

Hoogstraten in groenten & bloemen

Portret OANA PENCIU (Roemenië) Foto Britt Gysen SandhillsStudio00005 kopie.jpg

About Oana

I found out while working with flowers that only sky is the limit for creating beauty. The eye is the receptor of senses, in this case. So, to see a design as beautiful, you definitely need as a main ingredient passion and letting go fears of not succeeding. 


My challenge is, in this case, to combine one beautiful haiku poem with a floral design. To understand the deepness of the Japanese culture is not an easy task.


First of all, I needed to perceive the meaning of the poem and then to translate it in my way. I saw the relationship between core and surface, I saw the time passing through the voice of nature, I saw the need to fully experience the present, I felt myself sadness because nothing last forever.


Then, a delicate, yet strong picture came out of my head. 

Who am I? I’m a Romanian florist and I enjoy playing with my imagination, trying to take out a piece of my inner world for other people to see, feel and enjoy. I have my own flower shop since 2012. From that time, I have realized that I'm not going to quit this job. And the story continues…


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Concrete Wall
Portret OANA PENCIU (Roemenië) Foto Britt Gysen SandhillsStudio00005 kopie.jpg

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