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Cindy gunther - France

Bloom-Up Masterclass Student in the spotlight

Hoogstraten in groenten & bloemen

Portret Cindy.heic

About Cindy

I am Cindy Gunther, floral artist, floral parurier and designer.


I work plants in all their forms: fresh, paper, edible, artificial, stabilized, dried...


I'm specialized in plant communication: enhancement of products and image. 


I'm an art therapist too (I work with autistic people, Alzheimer, Down syndrome, and flowers). 

My clients are looking for unique objects or moments, which is why I focus on creativity, the novelty and emotions. 

My customers are loyal and want consistent product quality at the right price. That's why I promote small local producers whose work and products I know. 

After studying chemistry I joined the army where I made a career for 10 years before reconverting to the flower.

For my reconversion I trained at the school of florists of Paris until the option of my professional certificate. I am currently finalizing my master's degree through the validation of acquired experience. 

I had the chance to learn in the big Parision houses and from several best workers in France, I continue to train with the greatest in my field and especially my coach Tom de Houwer, Gregor Lersch or Per Benjamin world champion of floral art. 

I have participated in several competitions and am Bronze Medal 2013, 2015 and Gold Medal 2020 of the Florist's Cup of Ile-de-France and finalist of the France Cup 2020.

I had the chance to represent France at many international floral art events in Belgium for Fleuramour, Lithuania and Sweden. 

"Flowers sharpen our senses, awaken our memories, awaken our emotions. It's up to me to use them wisely to bring happiness to people, to communicate with them, to transmit a message". 


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Testimonial Bloom-up masterclass 

Cindy Gunther - France


I embarked on the bloom up adventure with tom because in the middle of covid I finally had time to lean on myself. Working on myself, evolving, knowing what I wanted, what I no longer wanted, where I wanted to go and how, and Tom's program was really complete. It's not just a masterclass to learn new techniques. It's a coaching and mentoring program to learn and focus on our greatest strength: us. Tom accompanies each of us personally to pull us up.

In one year of training, I learned more about myself than in 42 years. Tom takes the time to accompany us to make us evolve, whether personally or professionally, because in our job the two go hand in hand. With Tom we should not expect a classic training he will push us to our limits by using all the tools and techniques at his disposal and adapting them to the needs of each: breathing, techniques, experiments, personality tests,. .. This is a training in a small group, it is however adapted for everyone, to lead everyone towards their goal, to develop the qualities and strengths of everyone, to overcome the fears, founded or not, of everyone. It is not a simple workshop.

Let's Talk

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